Scientific studies have shown that injuries, pain and physical inactivity alter our brain's ability to activate the right muscles with the right amount of force at the right time. This loss of neuromuscular function decreases our "local" central muscle control, often leading to poor movement patterns, joint stiffness, and increased musculoskeletal pain causing our larger "global" muscles to take over (compensate) and ultimately overload, tense and hurt. Redcord Neurac reverses this pattern. The Redcord system stimulates the correct muscles in the correct sequence so that the smaller central muscle can begin to function again and the appropriate movement patterns can be restored.

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Neurac (Neuromuscular Activation)

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When the mind and the body connect correctly, the effect is surprising. The Neurac method returns the active life of your patients, eliminating pain, improving the connection between muscles and nerves in a process called neuromuscular activation.

Our method has a standardized test system to find muscle deficits and abnormal movements that may be contributing to the cause of pain in the patient. The application of a suspension treatment combined with high levels of neuromuscular stimulation will help restore stability, motor control and strength.

While the patient is in the Redcord Workstation suspension system without weight, the therapist accelerates motor learning, allowing neurons in the brain to be more energized and more efficient in their work. Similar to floating in a pool, this pain-free environment is safe for any age, condition and level of strength and allows you to focus on each movement pattern accurately.

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March 8th - 10th

Neurac 1 Course

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Princeton Bone and Joint  

5 Plainsboro Road, Suite 100, Plainsboro, New Jersey, 08536 

March 8th - 10th, 2019

Princeton Bone

and Joint 

Princeton, NJ

- United States Olympic Committee

- Swiss Olympic Committee

- RSCA Anderlecht, Belgian Soccer Team

- Rehabilitation Hospital of Guanzhou - China

- Norwegian Olympic Training Center

- Children´s Specialized Hospital - New Brunswick NJ

- Princeton University - USA

- Daejon University - Corea del Sur

- National Norwegian Ski Team

- Karuizama Rehabilitation Clinic - Japon

- Clinic Redcord Neurac - Georgia

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